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Spelling Bee - Meet the latest and YOUNGEST contestant here!!
As I Travel This Pilgrim Journey
Effective Writing: Emails to Essays
Vocabulary in Use - Student Feedback
Desperately seeking Harmony


Effective Writing: Emails to Essays
Experiencing Other Cultures
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Spelling Bee - Meet the latest and YOUNGEST contestant here!!

Since we have incorporated spelling bees into our summer classes at St. John's University/The Language Connection, this clip about a National Spelling Bee participant should prove to be very interesting. What do you think?

As I Travel This Pilgrim Journey

So lucky for the chance to take a short break from the various routines of life, to feel the tropical sun and ocean breeze upon my skin, and the rushing waves and hot sand on my feet.  The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico will always be a favorite spot of respite for me.

Effective Writing: Emails to Essays

Hello class of Summer 1, 2016! What a pleasure to meet you all today.  I look forward to a wonderful 7-week session where we both learn and explore various topics to write about.  This is an updated post where we can continue communicating with each other.  Best regards and Happy Writing!  ~ Prof. Leslie

Vocabulary in Use - Student Feedback

During a classroom exercise today after the lesson was complete, students were given a writing assignment to help demonstrate and assess knowledge gained.  The question was posed to which each student was required to write his or her response using at least two or three of the vocabulary words from the lesson.

Question:  How do you identify with Leslie as your teacher?

Of my 14 students, here are a few choice replies.

"She is an amiable, open-minded teacher who is theepitome of a good, inspiring ESL educator.

Desperately seeking Harmony

This year's TESOL 2013 International Convention theme of Harmonizing Language, Heritage & Cultures was materialized for me personally during a casual dinner at a local Dallas steakhouse. 

As I joined two of my friendly colleagues for dinner, we encountered a German-Frenchentrepreneurwho at first, appeared to be a wineconnoisseur .  He was shocked to find that I used many French vocabulary words during my  informal conversation. His surprise was enhanced as I further explained how my

TESOL International Convention 2013

During the annual convention in Dallas, Texas last week, I had a great time meeting new people, networking and engaging in professional development over the course of three days.  Of particular mention was the Plenary Speaker, John Hunter who shared his 4th grade classroom experiences via a wonderful documentary, "World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements," where language, literacy and most of all, critical thinking skills are developed naturally and the students assume various roles of global governance.  I truly look forward to meeting Mr. Hunter again and purchasing his book when he visits New York April 2, 2013 at Barnes & Noble on both the UWS and UES. 

Connecting through Music and Art!

One of the most fulfilling things ever is to make connections with people from other countries and cultures.  During my research in Cuba last year I had the opportunity to witness the amazing talents of young children like the girl in this photo.  Artistic expressions such as music and dance can provide an opportunity to connect with people regardless of the ability to speak the same language.  Music and Art are internationally spoken languages!

International Center in New York Moves Downtown!

Two weeks ago we found our new home at 80 Maiden Lane under the auspices of Catholic Charities of New York.

Language learners celebrate as 2012 comes to a close

The holidays are here and we at Leslie's Language and Literacy Services will be celebrating with the Intermediate/High Intermediate Vocabulary students during our last class of the year at the International Center.  After our evening class on Monday, December 17 we will celebrate with music and dancing at a local venue on the Upper East side in New York!!
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